K&L Gates Blockchain Energizer – Volume 28
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K&L Gates Blockchain Energizer – Volume 28

By Buck Endemann, Ben Tejblum, and Daniel Cohen

Your Blockchain Energizer authors Buck Endemann and Ben Tejblum presented at EUCI’s “Blockchain Technology for the Energy Sector” conference on May 8-9 in Houston, Texas. The crowd included existing market participants (utilities, retail suppliers, and regulators) along with new participants looking to leverage blockchain technology to facilitate energy transactions and improve utility operations. During our time in Houston, we found that blockchain discussions are a great way to spur broader conversation on innovation and industry sector change. Recurring themes included how utilities could be incentivized to adopt new technologies (through performance-based regulation or other constructs) while ensuring that they continue to meet their obligation to provide reliable service to all customers. The impact of new and innovative business models on low-income households, under-represented communities, and the unknown impacts on data privacy were important topics, as well.

Looking ahead, several panelists proposed that Europe is the “canary in the coal mine” due to the proliferation of distributed energy technologies and strong commitments to renewable energy. Perhaps not coincidentally, that is where the most energy-related blockchain use cases have taken root, usually with the support of business, regulators, and other state actors. K&L Gates attorneys will continue to monitor these developments and keep you abreast, right here in the Blockchain Energizer.

Finally, we are pleased to partner again with EUCI on our “Blockchain Technology Fundamentals: Energy Industry Applications” webinar, to take place on June 5, 2018. Click the link to register!


  • Centrica and LO3 Partner to Minimize Renewable Energy Curtailment.
  • PG&E has proposed a Demonstration Project Using Smart Contracts to Generate Low Carbon Fuel Standard Credits.
  • The United Nations and Sun Exchange Team up with ElectriCChain to Use Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to Provide Solar Power in Moldova.

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K&L Gates Blockchain Energizer – Volume 27

By Buck Endemann, Ben Tejblum, and Daniel Cohen

There is a lot of buzz around blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries from finance and health care to real estate and supply chain management. Reports estimate that over $4.5 billion was invested in blockchain startups in 2017 alone, and many institutions and companies are forming partnerships to explore how blockchain ledgers and smart contracts can be deployed to manage and share data, create transactional efficiencies, and reduce costs.

While virtual currencies and blockchain technology in the financial services industry have been the subject of significant debate and discussion, blockchain applications that could transform the energy industry have received comparatively less attention. Every other week, the K&L Gates’ Blockchain Energizer will highlight emerging issues or stories relating to the use of blockchain technology in the energy space. To subscribe to the Blockchain Energizer newsletter, please click here.

Authors Buck Endemann and Ben Tejblum will be in attendance at EUCI’s, “Blockchain Technology for the Energy Sector” Conference in Houston, Texas, from May 8–9, 2018. They will be available to discuss the latest in blockchain.


  • Energy Web Foundation Is Implementing a Different Consensus Protocol to Reduce Blockchain Electricity Demand.
  • Energy Storage Meets Blockchain: Sonnen Joins the NEMoGrid Project.
  • Softbank and TEPCO Announce a Blockchain Pilot Program to Reduce Carbon Emissions.
  • IOT Group to Re-open an Australian Power Plant to Provide Electricity for Blockchain Companies; Washington Counties Take Divergent Approaches to Cryptocurrency Mining.

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