Infocast Virtual Master Class: ESG for Renewable Energy Financing
ESG and the Sustainable Economy Handbook
White House Chooses Exclusion of Silica-Based Products Produced Using Forced Labor, Impacting Solar PVs

Infocast Virtual Master Class: ESG for Renewable Energy Financing


November 2-3, 2021

As capital markets, investors, lenders and corporate off-takers accelerate their engagement with the challenges of global warming and other environmental threats, the development of formalized ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles has created great opportunities for renewable energy developers to increase company and project valuations, be more focused in their own M&A decisions, improve their own business processes and those of their suppliers, and obtain financing more easily and at more favorable rates.

However, the relatively recent development of multiple ESG standards and reporting formats, none of which were specifically developed for renewable energy developers, can make it difficult to know exactly how to align their business processes to maximize ESG performance and how to communicate their success at implementing these principles to critical outside partners and investors.

Taught by active market participants who are engaging with ESG issues daily, this ESG for Renewable Energy Financing Master Class will permit renewable development firms to:

  • Examine the core aspects and key challenges of accounting for ESG factors in the context of renewable energy project development and operation, as well as corporate finance
  • Identify ESG issues throughout the renewable energy project life cycle that can impact obtaining investment and financing, and operational cost
  • Get a detailed explanation of how ESG factors flow through project transaction documents to provide an understanding of ESG’s role and impact on contractual agreements & terms
  • Obtain tools and techniques to help identify and manage long-term risk grounded in ESG factors
  • Develop strategies to handle renewable energy project-specific risks such as load, shape and price risk and their interrelation with ESG principles

Co-Lead instructors are Elizabeth Crouse and Lana Le Hir

ESG and the Sustainable Economy Handbook

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and the sustainable economy are concepts that often overlap and frequently intertwine. Whether viewed separately or together, they have significantly changed global investing and business practices and will continue to evolve. 

This handbook examines how investors evaluate companies based on ESG and sustainability criteria, the way companies incorporate these standards into their operating principles, and the legal and financial considerations for both groups. Whether you are an investor, an investment manager, a company owner, or board member, it will provide you with valuable insights drawn from our lawyers’ deep industry experience and keen understanding of policy, procedures, and trends.

New Sustainable Investing Chapter released today!

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White House Chooses Exclusion of Silica-Based Products Produced Using Forced Labor, Impacting Solar PVs

By: Stacy J. Ettinger, Amy L. Groff, William D. Semins, Caitlin C. Blanche, Coleman Wombwell, Elizabeth C. Crouse

Today, the White House announced that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has issued a withhold release order (the Order) on products manufactured using silica-based products produced by Hoshine Silicon Industry Co., Ltd., and its subsidiaries (“Hoshine”), which are purportedly the world’s largest metallurgical-grade silicon producers. Hoshine has been linked to forced labor in the Xinjiang province of the People’s Republic of China (the PRC). The Order covers silica-based products and materials or goods derived from or produced using those silica-based products. Thus, CBP may use the Order to seize or exclude a variety of products, including solar photovoltaic panels.

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