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The Energizer – Volume 97
New Bill Planned for the Development and Funding of Offshore Wind Energy in Germany

The Energizer – Volume 97

By: Buck B. EndemannDaniel S. CohenMolly K. BarkerNatalie J. ReidMatthew P. ClarkNathan C. HoweMaeve C. TibbettsOretha A. Manu

There is a lot of buzz around clean technology, distributed energy resources (DERs), microgrids, and other technological innovations in renewable energy and clean transport industries, and how these developments can contribute to solving longstanding environmental justice issues. As these innovations develop, energy markets will undergo substantial changes to which consumers and industry participants alike will need to adapt and leverage. Every other week, K&L Gates’ The Energizer will highlight emerging issues or stories relating to the use of DERs, energy storage, emerging technologies, hydrogen, and other innovations driving the energy industry forward.


  • Siemens Announces New U.S. Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Manufacturing Facility
  • NIST Innovations Demonstrate Reality of Indoor PV Cells
  • BOEM Kicks Off Federal Permitting Process For Sunrise Wind Offshore Project
  • Chevron and Brightmark LLC Expand Projects to Produce Renewable Natural Gas

New Bill Planned for the Development and Funding of Offshore Wind Energy in Germany

By Christoph Mank

An introduction of bidding processes for determining the amount of funding for the generation of electricity from onshore wind turbines, offshore wind turbines and large photovoltaic systems is planned with an amendment of the German Renewable Energy Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz).

The German government sees the transition to bidding processes as being a central instrument for attaining the goals laid down by policy makers regarding the development of the share of renewable energies in the production of electricity. The political goal is to increase the share of renewables in the amount of electricity generated to between 40% and 45% by 2025, between 55% and 60% by 2035 and at least 80% by 2050. In real terms the increase in the contribution of renewable energy to the electricity production in Germany has gone from 25.3% in 2013 to 28% in 2014 and 32.6% in 2015. It is the political will of the current government not to fall below or exceed this established scope for expansion. For this purpose the aim is to fix the tendered quantities at a level that is as accurate as possible on the one hand; on the other hand, a high realisation rate needs to be achieved with regard to the projects awarded in the context of the bidding process.

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