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The Energizer – Volume 89
We Have ESG Down to the Letter

The Energizer – Volume 89

By: Buck B. EndemannDaniel S. CohenMolly K. BarkerNatalie J. ReidMatthew P. ClarkNathan C. HoweOretha Manu

There is a lot of buzz around clean technology, distributed energy resources (DERs), microgrids, and other technological innovations in renewable energy and clean transport industries, and how these developments can contribute to solving longstanding environmental justice issues. As these innovations develop, energy markets will undergo substantial changes to which consumers and industry participants alike will need to adapt and leverage. Every other week, K&L Gates’ The Energizer will highlight emerging issues or stories relating to the use of DERs, energy storage, emerging technologies, hydrogen, and other innovations driving the energy industry forward.


  • Hydrostor Receives Funding for Utility-Scale A-CAES Facility
  • Southern Utilities Reshuffle Renewable Energy Priorities
  • PJM Suggets Modified MOPR Provisions to Address State Clean Energy Policies
  • FERC Holds Technical Conference on Electrification and the Grid of the Future
  • Ford Invests in EV Battery Manufacturer Start-Up

We Have ESG Down to the Letter

Our integrated environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) approach is designed to help our clients navigate ever-evolving standards and add value to their companies. We’ve structured our broad scope of ESG services within coordinated and collaborative areas of focus, including corporate governance, investing, energy, and agriculture. These global teams span regions and industries to address an array of issues, from legislative, regulatory, and policy matters, to fund launches and environmentally responsible corporate initiatives.

We can evaluate and advise your business from E to S to G.

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