United States Announces Intent to Withdraw From Paris Climate Accord: What is the Real Impact?

By William M. Keyser, Laurie B. Purpuro, Cliff L. Rothenstein, Alyssa A. Moir, and Christina A. Elles

On June 1, President Trump declared that he would withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord (the “Agreement”).  His announcement, though not unexpected, raises a host of questions on several legal, technical, and policy fronts.  And while the news and commentary on President Trump’s position continues to change, three fundamental questions are worth asking:

  1. How is the Agreement structured to handle withdrawal?
  2. What legal actions could potentially force the Trump administration to take actions to address climate change?
  3. What impact, if any, would a withdrawal have on U.S. state and private-side initiatives to address climate change?

We focus our analysis on these questions in this Legal Insight, which you can view on K&L Gates HUB.

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