By: Ankur K. TohanLaurie B. PurpuroTad J. MacfarlanAlyssa A. MoirCliff L. RothensteinDavid L. WochnerElizabeth C. CrouseNatalie J. ReidMatthew P. ClarkChristina A. EllesSamuel R. Boden

Carbon Quarterly is a newsletter covering developments in carbon policy, law, and innovation. No matter your views on climate change policy, there is no avoiding an increasing focus on carbon regulation, resiliency planning, and energy efficiency at nearly every level of government and business. Changes in carbon—and more broadly greenhouse gas—policies have the potential to broadly impact our lives and livelihoods. Carbon Quarterly offers a rundown of attention-worthy developments.


Carbon Policy

  • Hydrogen Gets a Lift in Federal Infrastructure Act

Carbon Litigation and Regulation

  • Illinois Equitable Climate Bill 
  • California Offshore Wind Ramping Up 

Carbon Business

  • CO2 Shortage in United Kingdom
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Releases Sixth Assessment Report, Unequivocally Finding That Human Activity Has Warmed the Atmosphere, Ocean, and Land  
  • Chevron Expanding Green Hydrogen Portfolio 

Carbon Spotlight

  • Clean Fuels for Flying—Honeywell’s Sustainable Aviation Fuels Initiative
  • U.S. Steel’s Best for AllSM Strategy Toward a Sustainable Future

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