Infocast Virtual Master Class: Negotiating & Documenting Corporate PPAs


29-30 July 2021

Over the last decade, corporate buyers and renewable energy suppliers have developed a variety of innovative structures to enable corporations to purchase renewable energy.

In the Negotiating & Documenting Corporate PPAs Master Class, expert instructors will provide an overview of the types of agreements that are commonly used to facilitate corporate renewable energy procurement, as well as when best to use them.

Attend to expand your knowledge and gain expert insights for real-world applications:

  • Background: Utility Monopolies and Exclusive Service Territories
  • REC Agreements
  • Green Tariffs 1.0
  • Green Tariffs 2.0
  • On-site solar PPAs
  • Physical PPAs (including direct access)
  • Community Solar PPAs
  • Virtual PPAs (VPPAs/contracts for differences)
  • Portfolio Aggregation PPAs
  • Block Delivery PPAs

Instructors will include: William H. Holmes, Lana Le Hir, Elizabeth Crouse, James Douglass, Tariq Fedda, Kenneth Gish, and Teresa Hill.

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