Infocast’s Corporate Energy Sourcing Summit 2015

12-14 January 2015
The Westgate Hotel
San Diego, CA

Presenters: William H. Holmes, Paul C. Lacourciere

K&L Gates is a Platinum Sponsor at Infocast’s Corporate Energy Sourcing Summit 2015, with partner Bill Holmes leading the Summit as Chair. This event focuses on the latest intelligence on financing, business cases, risk, sourcing & sustainability from the leading market players, while evaluating business cases for new strategies and solutions including on & off-site renewables, demand response, efficiency, fuel cells and energy storage. The Summit will be a source of actionable strategies and insights from peers in other sectors including bigbox/retail, manufacturing, data centers, real estate, airports, and universities. The Summit will offer up numerous opportunities to meet key dealmakers, learn about their plans for the upcoming year, and capitalize on new prospects that will lead to successful deals.

K&L Gates’ partner Paul Lacourciere will present on the integration of energy hedging strategies into a portfolio-wide sustainability strategy. With increasing energy costs and regulatory risks associated with carbon emissions, companies are implementing programs to actively manage these issues. Hedges can be one component of these programs. During his presentation, Paul will cover the principal issues associated with physical hedges, financial hedges and evolving hybrid-hedges that combine the benefits of physical and financial hedges. By being aware of the various hedging options, companies can integrate energy hedging strategies into a portfolio-wide sustainability strategy and be at the forefront of embracing clean energy solutions, developing standards for sustainable building, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions while protecting against volatility in energy pricing.

For more information or to register, click here to go to Infocast’s event page.

As a sponsor, K&L Gates is pleased to offer clients and friends of the firm a 15% discount on registration. To obtain the discount code, please contact the Corporate Energy Sourcing Summit Chair Bill Holmes.


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